Yoga for Business

In the Business - For the Business - In Business Attire

 "Yoga for business" is optimized to be offered and implemented in business. It addresses and focuses on the needs of people who carry responsibility in business, and aims to give you energy and clear awareness and thus optimally support you.

Marc Mittag, owner of MittagQI, teaches "Yoga for business" against the backdrop of his own daily yoga and meditation practice of 17 years and his business responsibility of 14 years. He is developing his knowledge and experience with yoga in numerous training courses and seminars and is a Naam Yoga instructor level 3, a Kundalini Yoga instructor level 1, and a Harmonyum practitioner level 2.

"Yoga for business" is not part of the range of products available at "MittagQI - Quality Informatics", but is offered at "Naam Yoga Neckar Alb". More details to content and concept of "Yoga for business", Naam Yoga in general and Shakti Naam in particular, see "Naam Yoga Neckar Alb".