About Marc Mittag

Marc Mittag, owner of MittagQI Quality Informatics, studied comparative and systematic religion, philosophy, and education in Marburg and Tübingen and already started working in web development during his studies.

After graduation, he was in charge of websites and online magazines of the "Sturz Gruppe", which he significantly brought to the fore in a very short time with the help of search engine optimization. Subsequently, at transline Deutschland (a part of "Sturz Gruppe"), he began optimizing and supporting translation preparation and post-processing with the help of various developments. In 2005, he introduced Across for big customers and, starting in 2006, was in charge of IT of the translation division in the area of system integration and development. From 2006 to 2009, he initiated and was in charge of the development of transAct, a software for the automation of the translation processes around Across and SDL Trados.

In 2009, Marc Mittag founded his company "MittagQI Quality Informatics", which, since then, has helped shape the development of the translation industry with innovative solutions, particularly for translation service providers. MittagQI is developing portals for translation service providers and, in 2012, published the first open source online tool with "translate5 - the openTMS-WebClient", which is setting the standard throughout the industry in the area of usability, user guidance, and terminology integration.

Aside from his job, Marc Mittag is father of three children who are very important to him. In addition, he is teaching "Yoga for business" against the backdrop of his own daily yoga and meditation practice of 17 years.