Community-based Open Source Translation System

On the background of the concept of Free Software MittagQI leads the development of translate5 as community-based Open Source translation system:

Detailed information about the Open Source background can be found on the project website of translate5.

Why Free Software in the meaning of the Free Software Foundation?

Open Source Software in the meaning of the Free Software Foundation ensures you as a user the freedoms and influence on the software, that many companies would like to enjoy for their business.

Relevant in this context are the questions:

  • Which features do you need and how do you want to use the software?
  • How would you like to be able to integrate the software?
  • Would you like to contribute yourself to the development and if yes, how?

With non-free (proprietary) software you are bound to the good will of the manufacturer to give you, what you need. Also, you are bound to the hope, that the plans and resources of the manufacturer fit to your plans. Free software gives the control to you, the user. Especially for software that is central for your business, this can be crucial for your business.

Also, for the society as a whole this is important: Proprietary software has the tendency to accumulate huge amounts of power and money in the hands of a few, like the monopolies and huge companies that have grown on the internet clearly show. A tendency, that in our days endangers democracy, social justice and social cohesion.

MittagQI therefore decided in 2010 to support Free Software in the translation industry — and with translate5 to develop it ourselves. We are convinced, that the concept of Free Software is the better one in many cases for companies and users. And also, for the society as a whole. In case an open source software spreads enough, it often evolves into the better system because of the transparency of its code and the ideas of the community.