Support & Updates

User and companies who are depending on a software in their business processes, expect from the producer of a software (whether it is Open Source or proprietary) that he is quickly and competently available to them with support and, if need be, necessary updates.

MittagQI is offering this for translate5. Don't believe us - ask our clients.

Agreement for Support and Updates for translate5

Our support agreement offers:

E-Mail Support within 24 Hours

E-mail support with guaranteed response within 24 hours, provided the following day is a business the top

Quick Return Call and Remote Maintenance of Complex Questions

If an issue cannot be easily and quickly cleared up, we shall contact you directly via telephone and remote the top

Active Monitoring of Your Installation

translate5 will automatically send an e-mail when an error on the server occurs. Within the framework of our agreement for support and updates, your translate5-installation is configured in such a way that we are also receiving this error e-mail. We can then attend to a topic and, if necessary, provide an update without your the top

Quick Updates and Automatic Installation

We provide important updates within a short period of time. Stability of translate5 is of highest priority in the company to us. Ask our clients.

In the future, the targeted install-and-update-kit for translate5 will automatically download and install updates from our release server. This way, your translate5 installation is kept current and stable without your involvement. You want to decide yourself when an update shall be installed live? Then you can configure our targeted install-and-update-kit the top

Public Major Updates, Minor Updates Contractually Guaranteed

Open Source software is free of charge - however, our developers would like to be paid, too. Therefore, we can only provide major updates free of charge. We are providing these at least every six months. Maintenance updates, minor updates with new features, important fixes etc. are only provided to clients who have an "Agreement for Support and Updates for translate5" with the top

Guarantee: Every Single Cent Goes into translate5

If you sign an "Agreement for Support and Updates for translate5" with us, we are guaranteeing that each cent you pay for your agreement, will benefit you and translate5.

This works as follows:

Payments received from all clients for support and updates are added up. All hours spent on support, bug fixing etc. for these clients are added up and multiplied by our hourly rate.

If the calculated amount of support expenditure is less than the payments received, the remaining hours are invested in translate5. Guaranteed. In form of development of smaller features, writing of documentation, improvement of our test and release management and others.

You can monitor live in our time tracking mite , what we are doing with your money. The only condition on your part: You have to agree that every other client with an "Agreement for Support and Updates for translate5" can also view in mite, what support expenditure is incurred by you. Just as you can view his/hers. If this transparency is not reasonable for you, we will, of course, be happy to support you anyway with our "Agreement for Support and Updates for translate5" - however, we cannot include you in the model for guarantee described here.

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