Installation & Hosting


Installation by MittagQI

We are happy to install translate5 on your server. Contact Us!

Installing translate5 by yourself

Currently, there is no installer for translate5. The development of an install-and-update-kit is of high priority to us. However, we can only develop those features that are funded by our customers. You are interested in an installer for translate5? Support the development of our install-and-update-kit!

An installation based on the source files of our bitbucket-repositories is theoretically possible. However, such an installation based on the sources requires a high PHP and translate5-specific expertise. Therefore, we advise against attempting the installation on your own.

Hosting your instance of translate5

  • You would like to use translate5, but would prefer not taking care of the maintenance of the system environment?
  • You would like your translate5 to be always automatically updated?
  • You would like to use the advantages of a web application and also be able to use translate5 in several sites?

We will be happy to make you an offer for that!