translate5 - the openTMS-WebClient!

With translate5, SDLXLIFF files can be edited in the browser - without license fees - on Open Source base.

translate5 offers state-of-the-art, desktop-like working in the browser with many interesting features, some of them unique (complete list of features).

translate5 is Open Source and Hence Free Software.
Test Free of Charge at!

In translate5's favor:

High Performance, Desktop-like Operation & Flexibly Adaptable User Interface

  • The state-of-the-art architecture allows the editor in translate5 continuous scrolling, sorting, and filtering of 10,000 or more segments.
  • Filtering can be flexibly combined across source and target texts, comments, statuses, recent processors etc. 
  • Operation and look & feel bring to mind a desktop application

Innovative & Unique: QM Assessment on Subsegment Base

Comprehensive Features

  • Sophisticated Labeling of Terminology
  • Basic workflow support
  • Task management
  • User management
  • Searchable Comments on Segment Base
  • Automated Adaptation of Repetitions
  • Use of a relay language
    (Your German-Russian editor does not understand any German? Use, for example, your English translation as a relay language in translate5!)
  • File attachments to project
  • Any number of files in a project
  • File overview in tree structure - clicking on file takes you to beginning of respective file
  • Ergonomic mode - reduction of the display to the essential
  • Flexibly adjustable display: Fading columns in and out, restructuring columns, etc.
  • User Interface in German and English - easily expandable to additional languages
  • On request, when creating project, also QM-tagging in source language
  • Short and full tag modes
  • In display mode, tags can be completely faded out
  • etc.

Test for Yourself Free of Charge:

Screenshot with Important Features

Editor Modes
Different display modes:
  • Editing mode: As in screenshot (all columns faded in, small lettering)
  • Ergonomic mode: Only the most important 4 columns and greatly enlarged lettering
  • Display mode: Like editing mode, but without target text column and editing option
MQM Subsegment Tags
  • Inserting MQM-tags around any subsegments
  • Extensive MQM-criteria tree that can be supplemented by PM
  • Evaluation on-the-fly
Comment Column
  • Any number of comments provided with user names and time stamps
  • Own comments can be edited
  • Segments can be filtered according to comment contents

translate5 screenshot

File Overview
  • Width can be changed to your preference
  • File sequence can be sorted
  • By clicking on file, you get to the first related segment
  • All columns can be filtered and sorted
  • Filters of several columns can be combined
  • Enables flexible editing
Terminology in Segment
  • Underlined in blue: Term and translation exist
  • Underlined in red: Term is missing in translation
  • Highlighted in purple: Used term is banned
Auto Status
  • Is automatically set when saving segment
  • Check mark: Was edited
  • Cog wheel: Automatically adjusted repetition
Segment Meta Data
  • Display the values of current segment
  • Terminology also contains terms of a used term not used in the segment
  • Selectable values for "QM" and "status" can be configured freely per installation

Note: Columns of the segment table can be dynamically faded in and out by the user. This happened for the columns "QM" and "status" in the screenshot.