translate5 - Open Source Translation System

translate5 is an open source online/cloud translation system for the professional use in language service providers and the language departments of large companies.

A bullet list of all features can be looked up in translate5 Confluence.

Most functionalities of translate5 can be tried out online at the project site.
There you also find further information and resources about the project and the software.

Use cases for translate5

translate5 as cloud translation system (installable on your own server)

With translate5 translation processes can be set up stand alone. All important preconditions are available:

  • Import of all important source file formats
  • Import of the important bilingual file formats of the translation industry like SDLXLIFF, Across XLIFF, standard XLIFF 1.2, Star Transit language pairs
  • Usage of translation memory
  • Usage of machine translation (e.g. Globalese, LucyLT, Moses, Google, SDL LanguageCloud — easy to integrate others)
  • User management
  • Task management
  • Workflow support for review steps; several users can work on the same workflow step
  • Review processes with In-Context Review (in translate5 called “translate5 visualReview”)
  • Inline TrackChanges (in MS Word style)
  • Terminology checks
  • Spell, grammar and style checks
  • Formal, automated quality checks (so far limited, enhancement is on the road map)
  • Quality assurance with DQF/MQM
  • High performance for huge amount of data (100,000 segments and 1,000 files per task work seamlessly)
  • Reference files and file tree navigation
  • translate5 InstantTranslate: Like Google-Translate — yet confidential
  • TermPortal for end users
  • and much more

More features can be developed according to the open source principle.

translate5 as review system

At first translate5 has been developed as online review system for users, who are no professional translators.

This field is under constant further development since 2011. This is the reason why in this field many features are available, that are yet not present in other systems. Yet still most simple usage always has been kept as a major focus.

Most of the features listed above are also relevant for usage as a review system.

Most interesting is the possibility of the In-Context review “translate5 visualReview”, that offers review in perfect layout for most file formats (e.g. Indesign, MS Office, FrameMaker, etc.). In combination with TrackChanges in MS Word style and a very simple user interface the review environment for marketing people of large companies gets perfected.

translate5 is very flexible integrateable via API (application programming interface) and plug-ins and can import all important file formats of proprietary translation tools. With Across a fully automated process integration for the usage as review system exists.

translate5 InstantTranslate: Like Google-Translate — yet confidential

With InstantTranslate companies can offer their employees or language service providers can offer their customers machine translation directly in the browser — analogous to Google Translate.

In difference to Google Translate a company can decide by itself, which language resources and machine translation tools should be used. That way the confidentiality of data is kept.

Used as data basis for InstantTranslate can be all language resources available in translate5:

  • Translation Memories
  • Terminology databases
  • Machine translation (e.g. Globalese, LucyLT, Moses, Google, SDL LanguageCloud — easy to integrate others)

translate5 TermPortal: Terminology search for everybody

With translate5 TermPortal companies can offer their employees and language service providers can offer their customers terminology databases for simple research.

The interface is kept simple and easy to use.

Terminology can be imported via the user interface or via API.

Flexible usage and integration of single components and fields of usage.

Single components of translate5 can be used together, but they also can be integrated independently of each other into your system landscape and used fully integrated.

If e.g. the project, task and user management is covered already by another system, but a good online translation editor is missing, translate5 can be integrated in “editor-only” mode.

If single users or the company as a whole only wants to use the TermPortal or InstantTranslate, after login they only have access to this component.

Like the login itself every other action that can be done through the user interface can also be done via API. This is by design and therefore we always be as such. Therefore, it is possible to fully integrate all functionality — it is up to each company, which functionality should be used inside translate5 and which should be controlled by another application.