Open Source TM- and Machine Translation integration: Crowdfunding phase 1 successful

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Dear Visitor,

a crowdfunding for an Open Source translation system has been set up.

It's aim is to integrate translate5, OpenTM2 and Moses-based MT systems. The result will be an Open Source web-based platform for translation, proofreading and postediting, that includes TM- and MT-integration and supports multiple users, roles and simple workflows. A platform that is easily extendable.

The first phase of this crowdfunding recently successfully raised € 21.000,-- from 7 different companies: beo, Lexitech and Supertext (GOLD supporters); oneword (SILVER supporter); IOLAR and Globalese (BRONZE supporter); Locasoft (Supporter). This is enough to complete the developments of the translate5 specific components and the Moses integration for the features we are currently aiming at.

The next phase of the funding now aims to raise another € 15.000,-- needed for the OpenTM2 specific components. Please contact us, if you are interested in seeing this happen! We need a few more supporting companies to come to an overall success!!! For more information please have a look at our funding page at StartNext.

Further envisioned steps (after the second phase of the crowdfunding) are aiming at integrating Okapi for file format conversion and quality checking. And of course everything the companies using it need and propose.

Every interested company or individual is highly welcomed to engage and contribute their ideas. Only with the engagement of as many companies and individuals as possible this vision will be realized.

best regards


PS.: Follow translate5 at Twitter! New developments will always be first communicated at twitter.
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