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Dear Visitor,

a lot happend since the last translate5 newsletter - and continues to happen:

Crowdfunding phase 1 successful

A crowdfunding for an Open Source translation system has been set up. It's aim is to integrate translate5, OpenTM2 and Moses-based MT systems. The result will be an Open Source web-based platform for translation, proofreading and postediting, that includes TM- and MT-integration and supports multiple users, roles and simple workflows. A platform that is easily extendable.

The first phase of this crowdfunding just recently successfully raised € 21.000,-- from 7 different companies:beo, Lexitech and Supertext (GOLD supporters); oneword (SILVER supporter); IOLAR and Globalese (BRONZE supporter); Locasoft (Supporter). This is enough to complete the developments of the translate5 specific components and the Moses integration.

The next phase of the funding now aims to raise another € 15.000,-- needed for the OpenTM2 specific components. Please contact us, if you are interested in seeing this happen! We need a few more supporting companies to come to an overall success!!!

Further envisioned steps (after the second phase of the crowdfunding) are aiming at integrating Okapi for file format conversion and quality checking. And of course everything the companies using it need and propose.

Every interested company or individual is highly welcomed to engage and contribute their ideas. Only with the engagement of as many companies and individuals as possible this vision will be realized.

German Localization Unconference - this year with Open Source track

The Localization Unconference will take place at the 23./24. of June in Heidelberg area/Germany at SAP offices and Dezernat 16.

As usual for an Unconference, the topics will be decided by the participants in a highly structured moderated way in the beginning of the day.

The first day of the unconference will host a Hackathon, a Translathon and the Open Source track.

Open Source track

The goal of the Open Source track is to bring together companies and projects interested on working on community Open Source in translation industry.

The topics probably will cover anything related to using and developing Open Source software in the translation industry: Interconnecting different tools and projects, establishing more complete Open Source solutions, discussing feature needs and discussing ways to cooperate on development between projects and companies. And anything else the participants want to.

Translatathon and the Hackathon

The Translatathon and the Hackathon will again provide coders and linguists with an opportunity to demonstrate their skills all while making meaningful contributions to the pro-bono projects Kamusi and Rosetta Foundation and possibly others.

Second day: Main unconference

This is the localization unconference proper, with its purely participant-driven agenda format.

Information and registration

All information you'll find here:

Please register soon, as we should know about the number of participants.

The conference participation is free of charge.

Hope to see many of you in Heidelberg!!!

Multiple new features

translate5 updated its underlying Javascript framework to ExtJs 6

Sounds boring and only for developers? Is not.

Most interesting: Alongside with the update the segment editing has been enhanced.

You can now:
  • Scroll seamlessly 100.000 segments below the opened segment. No performance issues. No jerking. Just fast.
  • Filter and sort segments below the opened segment. Search for anything and keep it open. Save it when ready.
  • Or hit CTRL-G and and reposition the segment table to its original position.
  • Even jumping to the next editable segment in the workflow works within a second - even with 10.000 segments in between.
  • So this is great for cleaning up terminology in huge Translation Memory data - for example.

New editing actions and keyboard shortcuts for all editing actions

A number of new actions an editor uses in translate5 have been introduced:
  • Roll back the segment to the initial version
  • Jump to next segments in multiple ways (workflow-dependent; with or without saving, etc.
And: All of these actions can now be invoked by keyboard shortcut!

Watch-list: Set bookmarks on segments for revisiting them later

... and filter the segment table with a click to see all bookmarked segments

In addition many smaller enhancements have been made

To check them out, just visit translate5 issue tracker.

best regards

Marc Mittag
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