Open Source Translation Memory Tool: OpenTM2 new and stable version has been released to the public

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this is not a newsletter about translate5 - but about another open source translation tool: openTM2. It will be relevant for translate5 in the future, though (stay tuned).

After long years of waiting, IBM released the new version of openTM2 to the public. Updates should be released on a regular base now.

One year ago, IBM switched from TM2 (Translation Manager 2) to its open source version: openTM2. Since then, they are running OpenTM2 worldwide in production. The newest update of this version has now been released to the public.

For those, who do not know TM2/OpenTM2: IBM Translation Manager was the first CAT-tool on the market out there in the early 90s. It continuously has been developed since then. It is known to be extremely fast with a lot of features under the hood and made for the usage scenarios of Big Blue. It has a lot of built-in features for machine translation integration. But be warned: IBM never gave it a GUI refresh since the 90s ;-). On the other hand: While doing the migration from TM2 to OpenTM2, the OpenTM2 developers have modularized the software, introduced a plug-in system, and updated its architecture. Therefore: Good news for Open Source developers.

Please have a look at and download your copy.

By the way: MittagQI will be doing community support for OpenTM2 - assigned by OpenTM2 steering committee and sponsored by So in case of any questions please visit

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