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Dear Visitor,

Much anticipated by many people: translate5 windows installer is out!

Download and install translate5 now!

Alternatively, you can always try the latest version of translate5 online at!

Best regards and have fun reading!

Marc Mittag

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translate5 windows installer: Download and install it now

The installer uses just 5MB - and you do not need any IT-knowledge to use it. Just a few clicks - and translate5 installer will load all needed components from the internet and install them for you.

Since extending translate5 with your own plugins and upcoming community plugins is one of the strong points of translate5 (and true community Open Source in general), even external components integrated in translate5, like openTMStermTagger, can be handled by the installer.

"Technology of tomorrow" with DFKI, GALA CRISP and translate5!

In track "Technology of tomorrow" at GALA 2015, we will be exploring, how industry and research are working hand in hand on collaboratively developing software of tomorrow.

But this is only the technical side of the issue:
On the business end,, as an LSP you will have to become an IT expert in a language industry heavily relying on machine translation, automated quality checkers, efficient TM use, and human proofreading.

In order to deal with this, you will need software, which is truly yours. Software you can customize to your needs and integrate in your processes the way you need it. Software you can afford.

Otherwise, it will be tough to compete with the big players of the industry.

To be able to succeed in this, you need to share costs and work with others. Even though they might be your competitors. The way to do this in IT is community Open Source.

We will discuss this with you at the GALA "Technology of tomorrow" track!

Contact us - and meet us at GALA conference!
Conference mobile (only valid throughout GALA): ++49 152 53177905

Feature Summary of translate5

translate5 is already supporting the following additional features today - and a number of other new features to be announced in the coming weeks!
  • Special design and architecture to handle large volumes of data in one task
  • Import/Export of SDLXLIFF-, CSV, openTM2-XLIFF-files as well as Transit-Language-Pairs
  • Protect tags or any kind of string in CSV files
  • User Management & Registration
  • Task Overview
  • Post-Editing: Alternate Target Language Columns
  • Post-Editing: Time Tracking of Segment Processing
  • "Track changes" in Trados Studio
  • MQM-tagging - inspired by DFKI
  • Sophisticated labeling of terminology
  • Searchable comments on segment basis
  • Automated adaptation of repetitions
  • Use of a relay language
    (Your German-Russian editor does not understand any German? Use, for example, your English translation as a relay language in translate5!)
  • File attachments in project
  • Any number of files in a project
  • File overview in tree structure - clicking on file takes you to beginning of respective file
  • Ergonomic mode reduction of the display to the essentials
  • Flexibly adjustable display: Fading columns in and out, restructuring columns, etc.
  • User Interface in German and English - easily expandable to additional languages
  • On request, when creating project, also QM tagging in source language
  • Verify tags on segment save
  • Short and full tag modes
  • In display mode, tags can be completely faded out
  • etc.

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Our Thanks to the Supporters of the Development of translate5

They make translate5 possible!

Main Supporters of translate5

Supporters of Select Features

Pushing Open Source ahead in the Language Industry

A special thank you to Logrus International for their ongoing promotion of Open Source Software in the Language Industry.
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