You are pre- and post-processing files for translation and have to perform a multitude of manual steps? You are applying Across or SDL Trados Studio and your workflows are extremely elaborate or time after time leading to quality problems e.g. due to translation memories that are contaminated or interspersed with duplicates? You would like to have more influence on your translation processes than it is normally possible with Across or Trados?

We will be happy to consult and help you!

Across Language Server

Consulting for Optimum Usage

Today, the Across Language Server has a multitude of administrative setting and configuration options interlocking in a complex way. Depending on the setting, the operation of Across can be quite easy for the project manager and also the relatively high number of clicks for the project management in Across can already be reduced this way. Poor configuration or simple retention of standard values of Across may also continuously result in excessive effort, and the danger of inconsistent databases is relatively high.

Therefore, it is very important, particularly for translation service providers using Across, but also for the translation service within companies, to configure Across as soon as possible to its optimum. If it is already too late, it is important to find a sensible strategy to clear up the databases and a way to optimal configuration.

We will be happy to help you, consult you for optimal configuration, and instruct you in your IT and your project management!

On request, we will be happy to take over the administrative support of your Across application via remote maintenance!

Server Management of Across Language Servers

As a highly-developed IT-system, the Across Language Server needs an IT infrastructure optimally adapted to your demands in performance, volume, and back-up. Depending on the capacity and load of the systems, different components of the Language Server can, for example, be distributed to different computers, or the databases can even be entirely moved to the main memory of the server.

In addition, when initially installing Across, the external communication of the Across Language Server via crossGrid, crossWan Online, crossWan Load, crossWeb, and crossTerm Web must be aligned with the safety requirements of your IT and your firewall.

We will be happy to consult you in all these issues and assume the management of your Across Language Servers via remote maintenance on request!

Script Development for Automatic Pre- and Post-Processing of Files for Check-In in Across

Certain file formats need to be specifically converted before your Check-In in Across. This is the case e.g. for certain XML-derivatives, which can only be optimally set for Across in such a way - but also for other file formats. Furthermore, Across has the option of executing pre- and post-processed scripts via the system configuration on its own. These assume such a conversion then automatically - even without the project manager noticing this.

We will be happy to consult you here on your file format or write conversion scripts for you!

Automation of Processes of Across Language Servers

Across is a highly complex tool with which much can be achieved in your company. However, from our point of view, it is necessary for Across' efficient use in terms of time that as many processes as possible in and around Across are automated. This does not work at all times and in all cases (think of formats like pdf or poorly formatted word files, which natively cannot be translated), but by automating the Across Language server itself in these cases, a large part of the translation process in and around Across can be automated.

For that, a concept tailor-made to your specifications is necessary, which is placed directly on the crossAPI. To create such a concept, considerable experience in translation pre- and post-processing, in process knowledge of translation procedures and extensive experience in development in process automation of the translation industry is necessary. Here, we can score.

Regardless of whether you would like to automate your Across processes internally yourself, have this done by Across, or assign third parties, an external third eye is important to create an optimal concept!

Ask us !

SDL Trados Studio

With SDL Trados Studio, you are owning, compared to complex server solutions, a small, yet excellent Swiss pocket knife for your translation processes. The settings are more manageable for the experienced translation manager, though they can have their drawbacks, particularly in regard to a clean translation memory or terminology usage or in regard to the correct setting of complex file formats.

We will be happy to assist you in the optimal set-up of SDL Trados Studio, create setting templates for your files, or technically prepare your files for translation with Trados!

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translate5 as an Editing Client for your Company

You are a translation service provider as an independent agency or as a department within your corporation? You are looking for a highly state-of-the-art, web-based review solution, which adapts to your demands, yet does not come with the costs of a license?

translate5 can achieve this for you !

Ask us about server installations for your company or tailor-made integrations to your existing IT-landscape !

Or do it yourself ! translate5 is Open Source ‒ we will be happy to consult your system managements in maintenance and installation and instruct your developers in regard to system architecture!

translate5, openTMS, and openTM2

translate5, openTMS, and openTM2 are Open Source newcomers among translation tools ‒ and at the same time old friends: With openTM2, IBM published its Translation Manager as Open Source. So, one of the tools for technical translation, which has been on the market the longest, is now under Open Source license. 

Open Source Translation Server Solution for Your Company

openTM2 offers a well-engineered desktop solution for a highly efficient work process of the translator. openTMS delivers state-of-the-art, performant server architecture for the translation memory management ‒ with interesting features like phrase search. And translate5 is a highly state-of-the-art WebClient for translators and editors, with which users like to work.

Together, these result in a server-based translation solution under Open Source license - with many interesting features!

That means:

  • You already have been asking yourself for a long time, if, rather than spending a lot of money on proprietary software, which does not meet your requirements and whose development you will not able to influence, you should take another route?
  • You are interested in implementing the optimal translation process for your company and deciding on your own, how this should look?
  • You are searching for a software with many interesting, unique features, yet reasonably priced?

We will be happy to advise you, how you can integrate openTM2, openTMS, and translate5 combined to an optimal translation solution for your company!

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