translate5 visualReview - in perfect layout. Tool-demo tekom, Thu 14:30

Dear Besucher,

it's tekom time, therefore release time :-)

translate5 visualReview - PDF-quality layout - complete Across or Trados integration possible

Proofreading (and even translation) often require, to have the context including layout. In most cases still PDF files serve for this purpose - without any connection to the bilingual world of translation.

The visualReview plug-in for translate5 combines both. A click on a bilingual segment scrolls the layout - and a click in the layout opens the corresponding bilingual segment.

The following screen shows translate5 in simple mode with visualReview plug-in (can be switched to other modes with more features accessable). Please click on the image to see it in full size in your browser.

Screenshot with visualReview plug-in active

The plug-in works for most common file formats (MS Office, Indesign, FrameMaker, Output of CMS systems, etc.) and can be integrated in a fully automated process with Across, Trados and other CAT tools.

The plug-in is released under GPL3 Open Source license, yet will not be published to the public. Instead it is sold to interested companies and after the development is fully financed, all additional money will be used for further translate5 development in a way transparent to all companies, that bought the plug-in. Please contact MittagQI at in case of interest in the plug-in.

A tool at tekom will take place Thursday at 14:30 in room C10.3.


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