OpenTM2 integration released: New web-based community open source translation system

Dear Besucher,

the integration of OpenTM2 in translate5 as a translation memory resource is released!

Community-based Open Source Web Translation System

The new release 2.5 turns translate5 into a web-based open source translation system.

Based on the integration of translate5 with OpenTM2 (IBMs open sourced Translation Manager) as a server back-end every company is now able to set up its own cloud translation system based on community open source. And even better: Within a day of work new match resources can be integrated.

With this release translate5 is the first modern web-based open source translation system, that is driven by the inputs and wishes of its users - the community. So e. g. the current release has been funded by a crowdfunding supported by 13 different companies - thank you to all of you (see below)!!!.

Join one of the presentations about community open source, translate5 and OpenTM2 at the up-coming conferences: PS.: Follow translate5 at Twitter! New developments will always be first communicated at Twitter.

Your translation system, under your control - extended & integrated as you need it

Your company can host translate5 yourself and integrate it via its flexible REST API with your own project or content management systems - and thus be in complete control of its own data and processes.

If there is any need for customization, new features can be added via developing plug-ins or contributing to the system core. Either by developing them yourself or by engaging the professional developers backing translate5 (see below).

Test it online - and contact us to make it fit your processes.

translate5 as community open source is different

In difference to other systems translate5 is community driven open source. This means, everyone who wants to contribute new functionality can do so. Either by developing plug-ins or by contributing to the core system. Or simply by giving user input.

It's road map and architecture is not dictated by the needs of a single company, but dedicated to its users in the community - while the professional developers backing it ensure the quality of the application and the consistency of the road map.

Professional support and development for translate5

translate5 development and support is professionally backed by MittagQI - an IT company specialized on translation technology.

So if you need a reliable support for translate5 and OpenTM2 or you want to engage professional software developers with integrating and extending translate5 for you - contact MittagQI. If you want to develop plug-ins yourself and would like to have professional support regarding best practices - contact MittagQI.

Funded by crowdfunding

The development of this major translate5 release has been funded by 13 different companies through a crowdfunding - LSPs, tool providers and translation buyers alike. So this is the time to say thank you!!!

The big thank you for the successful crowdfunding goes to all the supporters!!!

Crowdfunding Gold Supporters

Crowdfunding Silver Supporters

Crowdfunding Bronze Supporters

Crowdfunding Supporter

A 12th company that wants to stay anonymous at the present (a translation buyser) supported the crowdfunding.

Permanent supporters

A very big thank you goes SmartSpokes: They committed themselves (without being asked for it!) for a constant, repeating funding. Thank you very much! This is, what translate5 needs to grow!!!

SmartSpokes AG

best regards

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