translate5 Online Community Meeting on 31st of January, 17:00 CET

MittagQI - Quality Informatics
Dear Besucher,

translate5 is getting stronger and the community is growing :-)
The next weeks will see the final release of the translate5-OpenTM2 integration, financed through the crowdfunding.

On 31st of January, 17:00 CET, all companies interested in translate5 will be meeting online.
We will get to know each other and - primarily - discuss the roadmap for the next months.

All companies are invited, independent if they already use or support the project or are just interested.

There are still some features to develop to make translate5 as a community-based cloud-based open source translation solution more complete.

And: The community is heading for new cool features, like proofreading in complete layout inside translate5 for basically any kind of source file format. In a layout quality pretty much identical to a PDF.

So you are very much invited to attend. To do so, simply write to We will send you the link to the Online Meeting.

More about translate5 project

translate5 mission

translate5 is Open Source software developed for the language industry through input and support of the language industry. Please read the translate5 mission statement for more information.

Engage in translate5

translate5 exists and is developed through its community - as user, developer or supporter of the development. Be part of it.

Professional usage

For professional usage, you can rely on MittagQI (translate5 development lead) as support and/or software as a service provider. And maybe other companies in the future.

These are the 12 supporters of the crowdfunding

The newly released functionality has been financed by a crowdfunding, supported by 12 different companies. The first phase of the funding supported the developments, that are released to the public today. The second part of the funding will support the integration of OpenTM2 and the development of the needed REST-API. It will be released in the next weeks and integrated in translate5 installer.

Crowdfunding Gold Supporters

Crowdfunding Silver Supporters

Crowdfunding Bronze Supporters

Crowdfunding Supporter

A 12th company that wants to stay anonymous at the present supported the crowdfunding.

Permanent supporters

A very big thank you goes SmartSpokes: They committed themselves (without being asked for it!) for a constant, repeating funding. Thank you very much! This is, what translate5 needs to grow!!!

SmartSpokes AG

best regards


PS.: Follow translate5 at Twitter! New developments will always be first communicated at twitter.
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