Translation memory and MT integration released - new major translate5 release - all Open Source and free

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Dear Besucher,

translation memory and machine translation integration in translate5 is released!
Everything is free Open Source (as always) :-)

Try it online!

We call it "Match Resources" - since translate5 is now enabled to attach as many different Translation Memory and Machine Translation resources as the user wants to a task.

On translating a task, translate5 queries each attached match resource for matches and orders the matches according to their match rate. Concordance search accordingly searches all Translation Memory resources.

A match resource can be any kind of translation memory or machine translation engine, that is integrated via API (application programming interface) with translate5. Currently an integration for default Moses-based machine translation systems does exist. In addition until Christmas the integration for OpenTM2 (IBM's Open Source translation engine) will be developed.

Writing an integration is usually maximally a matter of days. Integrations can be written for all systems, that have an adequate API. So if you would like to see an integration (for example for SDL Trados or other systems), please contact us.

Join the community!

Still there may be features, that need to be developed for your needs to use the emerging system. This gets easier with every company, that joins the community.

So join the community of companies working together on Open Source and thus keeping their independence!

The major goal of the campaign is to join efforts in creating a modern community-based Open Source Translation system that meets the major needs of Language Service Providers.

These are the 12 supporters of the crowdfunding

The newly released functionality has been financed by a crowdfunding, supported by 12 different companies. The first phase of the funding supported the developments, that are released to the public today. The second part of the funding (which succeeded a few weeks ago) will support the integration of OpenTM2 and the development of the needed filters and REST-API. This is what will be released at Christmas and will be integrated in translate5 installer.

Crowdfunding Gold Supporters

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Crowdfunding Bronze Supporters

Crowdfunding Supporter

A 12th company that wants to stay anonymous at the present supported the crowdfunding.

Permanent supporters

A very big thank you goes SmartSpokes: They committed themselves (without being asked for it!) for a constant, repeating funding. Thank you very much! This is, what translate5 needs to grow!!!

SmartSpokes AG

best regards


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