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at tekom Open Source development in our industry will be the focus of the panel discussion

Building OSELI the Grassroots Way: Is it Time for Community Open Source Projects to Join Forces?

Date: Tuesday, November 10th
Time: 14:45
Room: C7.1

The attendees will discuss with the audience, how Open Source projects can help the industry in solving the major technological and structural challenges. They will discuss, how cooperation between the projects and between companies can lead to a successful Open Source ecosystem in the language industry. Attendees will be:

Tool presentation at tekom: translate5 as open source translation, proofreading and post-editing server

A special focus of the translate5 presentation by Marc will be the current efforts of integrating translate5 with other tools to establish a comprehensive Open Source translation solution.
Date: November 12th
Time: 12:15
Room: C10.2

Developed at MT-Marathon: MTComparEval plug-in for translate5

At Mt-Marathon in Prague, the developers of MTComparEval and translate5 joined and integrated MTComparEval with translate5.

MTComparEval is a tool for comparison and evaluation of machine translations. It allows users to compare translations according to several criteria, such as:
  • automatic metrics of machine translation quality computed either on whole documents or single sentences
  • quality comparison of single sentence translation by highlighting confirmed, improving and worsening n-grams
  • summaries of the most improving and worsening n-grams for the whole document.
translate5 is able to handle data for MT-research with multiple alternative translation targets for one translation source. This makes the integration of translate5 and MTComparEval a perfect match, since MTComparEval is made for comparing the translation quality of different alternative translations.

Feature Summary of translate5

translate5 is already supporting the following additional features today
  • Plug-in architecture - made to add your own features to translate5
  • Special design and architecture to handle large volumes of data in one task
  • Import/Export of SDLXLIFF-, CSV, openTM2-XLIFF-files as well as Transit-Language-Pairs
  • Protect tags or any kind of string in CSV files
  • User Management & Registration
  • Task Overview
  • Post-Editing: Alternate Target Language Columns
  • Post-Editing: Time Tracking of Segment Processing
  • "Track changes" in Trados Studio
  • MQM-tagging - inspired by DFKI
  • Sophisticated labeling of terminology
  • Searchable comments on segment basis
  • Automated adaptation of repetitions
  • Use of a relay language
    (Your German-Russian editor does not understand any German? Use, for example, your English translation as a relay language in translate5!)
  • File attachments in project
  • Any number of files in a project
  • File overview in tree structure - clicking on file takes you to beginning of respective file
  • Ergonomic mode reduction of the display to the essentials
  • Flexibly adjustable display: Fading columns in and out, restructuring columns, etc.
  • User Interface in German and English - easily expandable to additional languages
  • On request, when creating project, also QM tagging in source language
  • Verify tags on segment save
  • Short and full tag modes
  • In display mode, tags can be completely faded out
  • Plug-in for the integration of MTComparEval
  • etc.

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Our Thanks to the Supporters of the Development of translate5

They make translate5 possible!

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