translate5 Linux installer and Linux/Windows updater is released

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Dear Besucher,

translate5 development team is proud to announce that every user is now able to update translate5 on Linux and Windows with a few clicks.

Regarding installation, we did complement the translate5 windows installer (available since March) with an easy to use Ubuntu Linux installation procedure.

By the way: translate5 is a community open source project. The developments regarding installation and updates have been funded by beo, itl, oneword, smartspokes, text&form and MittagQI.

And another news: Finally translate5 got its own logo :-) and a relaunch of its project website at

Easy translate5 installation


For Windows, the translate5 development team is providing an easy to use installer.exe. In addition to translate5 and its dependencies, this executable installs the needed web server and database environment. This is done based on the Open Source XAMPP-package.


For Ubuntu Linux, we are providing an easy to use Linux installation manual. This manual shows you how to install the needed web server and database environment from scratch. In addition, translate5 installation itself is mainly a matter of executing the Linux installation procedure (a shell script) written for that purpose.

Users of other Linux distributions should easily be able to transfer the How-To to what they need.

Updating translate5 with a few clicks


So far, the installation based on translate5 windows-installer.exe could not easily be updated. By using the translate5 install-and-upate.bat, this is now a matter of a double-click.


The same as for Windows is now true for Linux. You just have to use the script instead of the Windows batch file ;-).

Feature Summary of translate5

translate5 is already supporting the following additional features today - and a number of other new features to be announced in the coming weeks!
  • Special design and architecture to handle large volumes of data in one task
  • Import/Export of SDLXLIFF-, CSV, openTM2-XLIFF-files as well as Transit-Language-Pairs
  • Protect tags or any kind of string in CSV files
  • User Management & Registration
  • Task Overview
  • Post-Editing: Alternate Target Language Columns
  • Post-Editing: Time Tracking of Segment Processing
  • "Track changes" in Trados Studio
  • MQM-tagging - inspired by DFKI
  • Sophisticated labeling of terminology
  • Searchable comments on segment basis
  • Automated adaptation of repetitions
  • Use of a relay language
    (Your German-Russian editor does not understand any German? Use, for example, your English translation as a relay language in translate5!)
  • File attachments in project
  • Any number of files in a project
  • File overview in tree structure - clicking on file takes you to beginning of respective file
  • Ergonomic mode reduction of the display to the essentials
  • Flexibly adjustable display: Fading columns in and out, restructuring columns, etc.
  • User Interface in German and English - easily expandable to additional languages
  • On request, when creating project, also QM tagging in source language
  • Verify tags on segment save
  • Short and full tag modes
  • In display mode, tags can be completely faded out
  • etc.

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Our Thanks to the Supporters of the Development of translate5

They make translate5 possible!

Main Supporters of translate5

Supporters of Select Features

Pushing Open Source ahead in the Language Industry

A special thank you to Logrus International for their ongoing promotion of Open Source Software in the Language Industry.
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