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it has been quite some time since the last translate5 Newsletter - but much has been happened since then. In the weeks leading up to the JABA Partner Summit and GALA 2015 conference in Sevilla we will update you regarding the new developments with a number of follow-up newsletters. This one is going to kick it off :-)

By the way:
You can always try the newest version of translate5 online at!

New Features and Upcoming Events!

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Introducing load balancing and asynchronous processing of third party plug-ins

Think of doing extensive automated quality checks of a high number of segments. Think of implementing several self-correcting Machine Translation Loops one after the other. Each of these scenarios may need a lot of processing power. And you may not want to wait for a single instance of your quality checkers to compute all the segments you need.

translate5 now has a built-in engine to manage those processes for you. You can configure translate5 for the number of quality checker instances or MT engines you want to use - and translate5 feeds them continuously for you and manages, which segments are processed and which instances are available for work. Either at import time or after saving a segment. And potentially - as soon as there is enough funding - you will even be able to do that freely wherever you choose in a flexible workflow.

Currently we are using this feature for the new REST-based way of integrating termTagger (written by Prof. Klemens Waldhör) in translate5 - but it awaits to be used for your translate5-plug-in, which integrates your QA-checker for your external application. As always in Open Source: This translate5 plug-in can be written by you - or by us based on your recommendations.

By the way: This feature has been kindly funded by "beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH".

Introducing the first stage of a plug-in system - made for plug-ins written by you!

You want to extend translate5 with YOUR feature? Which you write yourself or tell someone to write it for you? To plug-in your quality checker, your import filters etc.?

The best way to do this in software is a plug-in system. And of this translate5 plug-in system we finished developing the first stage - and use it ourselves for a number of new features. Check it out in our code base as soon as our new installer will launched in the next few weeks!!! Ask us!

translate5 public installer coming soon!

So far, one of the biggest handicaps of translate5 has been, that it was quite difficult to install from our code base on bitbucket. Due to the flexible architecture (which is good for future-proof development) you had to be a PHP and Apache expert to set it up on your own.

This will be a thing of the past within a few weeks, since "beo Gesellschaft für Sprachen und Technologie mbH" funded the development of the installer - although they did not need it for their own use, because they have been using, updating and financially supporting translate5 on a regular basis since years.

That is why in a few weeks, you will be able to just download and install translate5 on your local machine with a few clicks.

Meet us at GALA 2015 and JABA Partner Summit!

translate5 and MittagQI will be at two of the major events of the language industry this spring: JABA Partner Summit 2015 and GALA 2015 conference.

At JABA Partner Summit Marc of MittagQI will be giving a presentation about OSFLI (the new Open Source Framework for the Language Industry), why Open Source development matters to the Language Industry and about the translate5 community project.

A few days later at GALA Sevilla the same (and more) topics will be covered much more extensively by Hans Uszkoreit (DFKI), Kim Harris (text&form), Arle Lommel (DFKI), Alan Melby (LTAC), Serge Gladkoff (Logrus) and Marc (MittagQI).

Contact us - and meet us at GALA and JABA Partner Summit!
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Feature Summary of tanslate5

translate5 is already supporting the following additional features today - and a number of other new features to be announced in the coming weeks!
  • Special design and architecture to handle large volumes of data in one task
  • Import/Export of SDLXLIFF-, CSV, openTM2-XLIFF-files as well as Transit-Language-Pairs
  • User Management & Registration
  • Task Overview
  • Post-Editing: Alternate Target Language Columns
  • Post-Editing: Time Tracking of Segment Processing
  • "Track changes" in Trados Studio
  • MQM-tagging - inspired by DFKI
  • Sophisticated labeling of terminology
  • Searchable comments on segment basis
  • Automated adaptation of repetitions
  • Use of a relay language
    (Your German-Russian editor does not understand any German? Use, for example, your English translation as a relay language in translate5!)
  • File attachments in project
  • Any number of files in a project
  • File overview in tree structure - clicking on file takes you to beginning of respective file
  • Ergonomic mode reduction of the display to the essentials
  • Flexibly adjustable display: Fading columns in and out, restructuring columns, etc.
  • User Interface in German and English - easily expandable to additional languages
  • On request, when creating project, also QM tagging in source language
  • Short and full tag modes
  • In display mode, tags can be completely faded out
  • etc.

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Our Thanks to the Supporters of the Development of translate5

They make translate5 possible!

Main Supporters of translate5

Supporters of Select Features

Pushing Open Source ahead in the Language Industry

A special thank you to Logrus International for their ongoing promotion of Open Source Software in the Language Industry.
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